Customer Testimonials

Hi Niki, Just wanted to say thanks from Sandy and myself. We found the experience to be seamless, organised and stress-free. You have a very friendly manner and know your stuff.

We wish you all success in the business and many happy sales.

Kind regards
Allen Gunn
Hi Guys

Just wanted to let you know that I love my car. It is in immaculate condition and I would have no hesitation in recommending chch euro thanks so much!!

Kind regards
Victoria Grant
Hi Niki, Phil

I just wanted to take the time to let you know .... I have bought many cars in my time, but never have I had such a good experience, right from selecting, negotiation to you Guys presenting my Car to me, you and your team have such a 'Can Do' attitude, I really believe how you service your Customer is quite rare in your industry, there wasn't one thing through the entire process that I didn't think, 'hey these guys are good !" .... So I wanted to take the time to thank you, I love my vehicle and I will certainly be letting others know about my experience with you and I'll be back in a few years to trade up !

Cheers Garey
Garey Burgess
Hi Niki and Paul

The vehicle was delivered on Saturday and we are thrilled with it! Definetly made the right decision...

Thank you very much - especially Paul - having patience with us!

Neil and Melo were very professional and it was nice to meet them both.

Thank you again for your service which is very much appreciated.

Just to let you know there is still a warranty on the Audi which can be transferred.

All the best - Merry Xmas to you both

Kindest regards
Sue and Steve
Good morning Niki & Paul.

We have just picked up the car from Auto Logistics. Thank you very much for getting the vehicle up here earlier. Our Grand Daughter has taken over the C230 and thinks she is just the bees-knees !

I’ll take it out shortly (if Kathy will allow) – and again appreciate all your assistance + of course the Christmas Cookies and Grooming Kit you have given us.

Seasons greeting to you both and your families.
David & Kathy COLEY
Hi Niki

That's great, thanks for the pics and care kit! It's been a long wait and can't wait to finally drive it :)

Looking up Autologistics they're just down the road too! Couldn't be any easier although they look like they're in the middle of the nowhere next to a Power Station lol. All good though, I'm sure I'll find them :)

Been bit abit scary buying something based off a overseas pic but seeing the delivered shots now has made me glad I took the gamble.

But has been a pleasure buying off you guys. Will definately give you an update when it's arrived :)

Many thanks Niki.

I have to say its been a fun journey, and a real pleasure to meet and deal with your family, your “can do” attitude, timely responses etc I really valued.

3 bentleys in 7 months does need a celebration sometime!.

Hi Nick

Thanks for your email.

Its been a trouble free purchase and I hope we get many trouble free years and enjoyment out of the Bentley.

Thank you for taking care of our needs.
Hi Niki

Just thought I would let you know the car arrived safely on Monday, I had the opportunity to take it for a long trip today and it performed flawlessly.

I must admit to having a certain amount of trepidation buying sight unseen but I was very happy to see the car was as you described it.

Thanks for the honest description of the car and the work done on it by you.

I will be keeping you in mind when its time to upgrade.

Nick thanks for the other day impeccable service as ever it's refreshing to have a dealer that goes above and beyond thanks Pat Martin
Hi Nicki

Just to say thank you very much for all you have done for me, it is really appreciated. Your service has been excellent. I hope to deal with you again in a year or two.

Many, many thanks

Kind regards
Ivan Rosandich
Dear Paul @ co

Thank you for the time, care @ professionalism .. appreciated

Just one wee thing opened the complimentry Christmas biscuits ...fatal.. :)

Merry Xmas

Sue D
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